Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chance To Love

You have crowned the year with your kindness.
  Your footsteps will drip with fruitfulness.
The desert pastures will be soaked,
  the hills will be wrapped in rejoicing.
The fields will be clothed with flocks,
  the vales overflow with corn.
They will cry out, and sing your praise.
                                                      Psalm 65

                                      All day the breeze
                                               another realm

                                      brushing past us
                                           filling the whorls of our skin,
                                               rippling the pools of our eyes

                                      beholding the weave of wind
                                           unraveling like the apple blossoms
                                               from skeins of branches

                                      into the bolt of sky, all day
                                           the chance to love
                                               blowing through

                                      on the currents
                                           of our Lord and his Mother
                                               passing by.

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