Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plea For Life

“Before I created you in the womb I knew you;
    before you were born I set you apart;
       I made you a prophet to the nations.”

                                                      Jeremiah 1:5

                                                                                                                     Photo: Google Images

Pro choice. Pro life.
I am deeply entrenched in both.  I have survived  “Pro Choice” as an ex-radical feminist, Marxist, left wing academic atheist/agnostic and have no recollection of the “pro” of it.  Destruction and death of horrific dimensions, yes, but nothing pro about it and no choice about it either.  The babies aborted have no choice and the women who are indoctrinated by the women’s movement or coerced by males or family have their choice very compromised.  For if they truly knew what they were doing many would not choose such a path that leads to so many real and particular tangibility’s of  hell on this side of the grave.

It is this making a tenuous edge of life and death with lies and denigrations of women on so many levels in her heart, mind, and soul; this crossing over legally and willingly in ways that are deemed empowering and progressive for the lives of women while conveniently overlooking the basic God given human right to life of the infant that is at the heart of this life issue, at the heart of the Pro Choice.

What don’t we understand about Christ saying, “I knew you before you were born.”.  As  Catholic Christians how can we turn our eyes away from Christ declaring the sanctity of human life in so direct a way.  If he knows every hair on our head then he knows every cell of the baby in the mother’s womb.

I have been present at a late term abortion and the harrowing and yes, the satanic dimension of it, for there can be no softening the evil I witnessed and the wrenching way it was deemed, even toted as an act of empowerment in the course of women’s liberation. Of course, not all of the long struggling for women's rights have been erroneous or unfruitful or unwarranted, but this is where some of our egregious choices in the women's movement have led us; to the betrayal by women against women and the sanctity of their bodies; to a spiritual and bodily oppression of women far worse than the oppression they fought to overcome; to the murder and dismemberment of babies. This is how we have for decades watered the poison tree of deception and destruction.

What could possibly be empowering for women about the ability to have easy access and will to murder her child? To willingly lie writhing in the pain of labor contractions while simultaneously inflicting writhing pain onto the  unborn child who can feel everything being done to her or him, only to emerge on the other side of the suffering into the reality of a dead baby.  What is heroic and noble about ushering women and their babies into vulnerability of the worst kind?  The vulnerability of finding herself pregnant with no real support despite the ingesting of carcinogenic birth control. The vulnerability of sexually transmitted diseases, broken heartedness, abandonment of soul and heart scarring of epic proportions; the killing of what is most sacred in our bodies and souls; the vulnerability of twisting the graces of being the vehicle for the bringing of life and souls into the world into a disfigured and murderous thing. The worst vulnerability of being pushed to the precipice of a great falling into the pit of God forsakenness.

The Choice is to not be on the wrong side of history, the side that is legally committing a genocide on babies in the womb and women’s souls, the side of secular mainstream’s disproportionate deception of making a great lie a seeming truth.

I have been the woman at the well living a lie. May women hear our Lord offering the water of life and see the reality of these very grave choices and choose life, choose Christ and His church. Choose to see our true dignity  of who we are as women in Christ. If our civilization indeed rises to the stature of women as Fulton Sheen has said then let us choose life on all levels, let us choose life in Christ. Let us begin healing our wounds of secular destruction and reveal our scars with courage in an attempt to lead others to see the myriad lies and war against women and all of society, especially the most vulnerable in the wombs of women.

My prayer is that we take action to defend the sanctity of life in this election and stand with the Church, the Body of  Christ, who has always been the defender of the least, the most vulnerable because that is what the Gospel and love calls us to live and choose. Our individual souls and the soul of our nation depend on it.

"The mere probability
 that a human person is involved
would suffice to justify 
an absolutely clear prohibition
of any intervention aimed at
killing a human embryo."
                                                                          Pope John Paul II (Evangelium Vitae)

                             This quote by Blessed John Paul II was posted at Nancy Shuman's
                                                            wonderful Blog The Breadbox Letters



  1. I am struck on several levels at the excellence of this post. Your having been on the other side of the issue provides a voice and a perspective that most are not able to set forth. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Nancy and for linking to this at your blog The Breadbox Letters. There is such cost with this perspective as individuals and as a nation. May God help us and heal us as only He can...Vote for Life!!!

  3. ....watered the poison tree of deception and destruction....
    Powerful, powerful words, Cynthia. Words that make me reflect... have I done enough to reverse this loss... all types of loss? Have I been obedient to His Will for me to go out to where I don't want to and save the lives He set before me? Much to reflect on this Advent ~ the Season of Life.

    1. A powerful question that needs to be set before all of us to ask over and over again on a daily basis. A weighty reflection for "Advent- the Season of Life" and all the Seasons. Thank you for your insights and for asking what needs to be asked. God Bless you....

    2. This has got to be shared: Cynthia, the question that I took from your article - was I watering the poison tree of deception & the line from that splendid poem, Fire Fighter, - to go out to where I don't want to and save the lives He set before me?....well, they went right to my soul, and I believe Mother Mary took it from there.

      You see, some days back, like many others, I had a sudden presentiment that Something was coming, and this was followed the next day by the sorrow in Paris which hit me stronger than anything else before. It drove me to try and gently urge someone I loved, back unto the straight and narrow. I got a slap for that, and thought that was the end of everything.

      This morning, a gentle blue wind bearing the essence of your words (to go out to where I don't want to and save the lives He set before me) slipped past my prickliness as I was saying a quick decade of the Rosary. I managed a simple prayer for this loved one's soul. Later, I saw a message waiting for me. With no rancor but with a Firmness of Will, I did what I should have done years ago but didn't - I made very clear whatever needed to be made clear. Till now, I am stunned that I actually made that move.

      I might have lost this love today. People who worship the world and its trappings will not take kindly to any leading, no matter how lovingly expressed. But the odd calm inside me tells me it's a small price to pay for a soul.

      May God continue to bless you so you continue to light the lamp in hearts that seek your gentleness.

    3. Prayers for your loved one and all of us in our gestures of love for others however we are able in our given circumstances. I love your morning "gentle blue wind...." You are a bright light Caitlynne Grace!!!