Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Breeze Again

Pentecost Sunday

"The Spirit of the Lord has filled the whole world
and that which contains all things understands what is said, alleluia."
                                                                                       Wisdom 1:7

                 The breeze again 
                 Lifting the boundaries
                 Of the trees 

                 Along the fields

                 Like green veils through
                 An open window
                 All afternoon
                 Saying over and over

                 Like waves
                 Of light crashing
                 Against the beaches of

                 That edges bleed and bluster and jag
                 And reveal an opening through
                 Which we might become
                 By crossing

                 The ocean
                 Or the farther field molting
                 Or the mother of evening
                 Blossoming between shadows of trees

                 Or the love that endures 
                 Long suffering
                 Willing the good
                 Of the other

                 Or the prayers
                 Singing from the wooded sills
                 Into the bright air
                 Blowing where it wills.


  1. How beautiful! And what a marvelous blog.

    1. Thank you Nancy for the kind reply and for stopping by!

  2. I love this poem! Can I share part of it and link to it on my blog?

  3. Thank You Anne! Feel Free to use it. God Bless You!