Saturday, March 31, 2012


Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

                                          Our soul waits for the Lord  
                                             who is our help and our shield.  
                                                                            Psalm 33:20

Every shade of green surrounds my looking.  The variations of their crowd mumbling through my soul.  The dandelions and their seed pods stand in the first light like ghost orbs hovering above the earth.  They do not disperse until they are ready.  What lawns of patience reclining each morning. 

May I learn by looking closely to see our Lord in all.  

May I take this journey where He leads.  

May I seed myself in the ground of Him. 

May I see Christ in the deep pools of your eyes.

                                                    Dried dandelion bouquets
                                                             in tiny teapots
                                                       along the windowsill
                                                          the small hands
                                                                  let go
                                                                and love
                                                          brightly tumbled 
                                                          in the other light
                                                         then moved along.

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