Monday, January 2, 2012

Mary Immaculate, Star Of The Morning

Let us celebrate the motherhood of the Virgin Mary, and let us worship 
Christ the Lord, her Son.       
                                                                                          Church Prayer

The Lord chose her before she was born.
The Lord chose her before she was born.
To live in his holy dwelling-place.
The Lord chose her before she was born.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
The Lord chose her before she was born.
                                                                         Responsory  Lauds Universalis

     Hail Mary, full of grace,
    the evening’s kingdom
    lying at your feet;  
    our longing vast
                                                       as light                                                       
    from the dead
                      and dying stars                  
   our nothingness
    you fold back
     and come into.

    O Holy Mary,
     your voice so sweet
       through these straits of dust,
      these empires of sand
        vanishing through our hands,

      opening to you, blue,
     blue Mother of God
    we pray,
       as the morning keeps,
        the morning keeps,
        on the shores of sleep,
         the shores of sleep.

Lord, may our souls come close to your Mother
who have blocked her luminous grace
by the ways of the world;
by the ways of self,
that lead far away.

O, Mother of tenderness, of mercy, pray for us. You, cradling the divine in your person, gazing on the face of God become babe looped in the dark recesses of your sacred womb, now in your arms. What beauty your very shadow exudes, the passing light of you singing in the silences of our frail awe. The immeasurable gift of God, through you, giving His only son for us who refuse and murder in our sleep in so myriad of ways.  Yet, contemplating your face, we see the Church reflecting Christ’s luminosity over all of us in His radical gathering.  His Body proclaiming through the weave of centuries that we are “no longer a slave but a friend.”  What love for humankind in sharing the beloved Child with us in this unending love song our Father is singing through Jesus Christ our Lord and his tender Mother.  On this Solemnity of Mary, no words, just kneeling and gazing upon this love that comes blinding all the same.


  1. Thank you Amylisa! Our Mother is and will always be amazing and beautiful....We are so blessed and loved.