Monday, December 12, 2011

Rending All Seams

Third Sunday of Advent

The Lord reigns! He is robed in splendor,
    clothed in glory and wrapped round in might.

                                                         Psalm 92

What is stitched in darkness
and fashioned in the light
becomes His likeness,
from one seam of glory
to another,
bolt by bolt,
in His fabric
and ours in Him.

What long waiting for the Christ child. Whether, during Advent,
to celebrate His descending to put on flesh in time,
or waiting to hear his voice in the din of our days,
or see Divinity in the deep pools of our neighbors' eyes.
To see His splendor spinning every form and nucleus,
every small expanding and contracting
under-girding this fallen dimension;
this leaden waiting to bear life in Him; curled in darkness of earthly wombs;
stretching for His arms of light, His milk of everlasting life,
His unraveling sinews of self. 

We are made in His likeness and etched on His palm.
Oh, to receive His hand, to walk back home, back into friendship.
This longing bursting, rending all seams of mine and Thou.


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