Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feast Of The Apostle Saint Andrew

    First Wednesday of Advent

                                                                                            Lord God,
                                                                                            You called Saint Andrew,  your apostle
        to preach the gospel and to guide your church.                                     
We humbly pray that he may always plead for us in your  presence.
Through Christ our Lord,

In our busy world we try and gather a space of heart and mind to focus on
the coming of Christ, of God into the world so many centuries ago and to feel
Christ’s presence at Mass and in the Holiness of our daily lives.

The secularism we are steeped distracts us from the sublime and necessary
and is to be resisted and looked beyond while in this holy season of Advent:
waiting, watching, carving out a sanctuary of silence to carry with us
during our days and nights.

To hope and wait and prepare our hearts and souls for Jesus
in the darkest part of the year and with temperatures falling.

Warmth and light have such joyful effect each morning.
The burning fire in the grate when I awoke.
What a luxury to gather by its’ warmth and hold my youngest child in my arms
while sipping coffee.

What gifts in the dark morning with a sky of prisms falling over us.

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