Monday, October 3, 2011

Tucking Smallness In

The canticles of cold and dark and rain were falling over our singing psalms and prayers before the Blessed Sacrament; evening of brightening song processing down aisles' deepening blue;  Liturgy of flame making us small and how the small become filled with Christ.

Oh, to kneel and adore you Lord, to pray and listen for the simple breathing of your love is breaking my heart open to my nothingness and poverty, making my darkness bright with you;
time and self becoming out of reach when I reach for you.

How I wished I had brought my daughters to Vespers.
I wanted them to sing the music of prayers and worship and praise in the sanctuary of the flickering church;
of hearts' fists opening; to be in the arms of Christ manifesting Himself to our brokenness on His lap of divinity.

This longing to stay with you the long night turned toward home and my girl's bedtime,
singing them a song of praise and darkness' descending curves of sleep, nesting in the folds of Him,
tucking our smallness in with covers of grace.

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