Monday, October 10, 2011

Christ's Clothing

What will I wear this morning?  This moment? 

We are to be clothed in the wedding garment when we go to His banquet, His celebration.  Have I put Christ on at all? How in my days do I serve Him and all His disguises? There are choices to be made in this dappled light of the world; of my living the hours with fists clenched in darkness or open to receive the graces at any moment and let them become the blessings from my hands; this humanity of fallen rock. Thankful this conversion keeps invading, slipping into these fortresses of self; ceasing the slaying of His messengers; stepping out from stone walls; putting on His clothing to gather at our wedding banquet while there is still time. 

Oh, surrendering to His joy and salvation: the laying down of weapons, one by one, in the arsenals of the heart.

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