Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healing Grace

Wrote a poem about taking the girls to school this morning then went into work for a long day of treating pain.  I still do not cease to be amazed at what an honor it is to take people into my hands, to offer relief from their pain and their allowing me to do this sacred work. I must hold them gently and work on them acutely aware of the divinity I handle. I pray to Jesus for healing as I work, failing too often to make my work a prayer: stepping out of the confines of labor into His healing, the only healing there is; a receiving of His grace.

                           Letting Go As The Sky

                           Taking my girls to school
                           after the hurrying and gathering
                           what was forgotten and needed.

                           Questions asked in half light
                           and coming awareness
                           cloisters in our solitude and silences,
                           that is the speech of God
                           speaking between us in the dawn,
                           in the narrow gates of light.

                           The snow is thickly veiling the world,
                           our passing and significance,
                           the time at hand and the time of our parting;
                           my heart gathering them like lilies in the field
                           of a necessary heaven,
                           holding them closer still.

                           Letting go they disappear into the curtains of the world,
                           parting crystal whorls of the pearling air,
                           falling over us like grace

                           Letting go as the sky.

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