Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back Toward God


What are all the glories if not directed back toward God?
The slant of morning light coming under the porch roof
across the lovely quart jars’ row of canned tomatoes,
sparkling sun-red,
glinting lid rings like bands of gold
around rare jewels.

What beauty shining there just for the taking in and giving thanks to God
for creating the ability to see it and rejoice in it;
for creating this whole array we are steeped for a brief time.

There is love lined up and offering itself simply for the sheer joy of being;   
for the opening summer days of green transcribing sunlight into the language of roots;
for the opening when we gather in the dark and frozen places.

That this joy remain unsung drives me to these words,
these inadequate gestures that none-the-less cry out to be shared 
for the immense beauty and signs of our Lord and God among us; 

the dance of molecules whirling; light bursting in and everywhere.

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